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One Piece Chapter 1084 Live Scans

Little summary of the chapter thanks to myself, chapter contains 16 pages.

Chapter 1,084: "Attempted murder of Tenryuubito"
Color Spread: One Piece girls playing in the sea.
Chapter starts with Rob Lucci roughly grabbing Princess Nefertari Vivi's arm, not letting her go. He reveals that he has strict orders to keep her safe inside the Pangea Castle. Princess Nefertari Vivi tries to argue this but Lucci puts pressure on her arm.

Lucci: "Don't think your royal title protects you from the Gods, Princess Nefertari Vivi. We know all about Alabasta and those pirates..."
Vivi: "You don't mean... Luffy?!"
Cut to the room of deliberation, King Cobra and co. are discussing with the Gorosei, who are most disinterested
in the matter. King Cobra demands to know why his ancestor, Queen Lily of 800 years ago, did not join the rest of the celestial dragons. The bald Gorosei rebukes King Cobra's questions.
Gorosei: "You have your suspicions already, after the debacle involving Crocodile!!!"
King Cobra: "If you mean Pluton? I thought I understood my ancestor, but not anymore.. There's a deeper meaning behind her motives."
King Cobra demands to know what happened to Queen Lily. It's revealed that she went missing after vowing to fix her own mistakes. King Cobra is deeply troubled by any guilt passed down the generations to the present, he is determined to resolve his family of its sins before Vivi needs to worry about it.
The tall gorosei is unsure of what King Cobra says though Pell and Chaka do not believe him.

Outside Pangea Castle, Shirahoshi is being attacked by several slaves and agents of the celestial dragons. In the chaos of the revolutionaries attack, she has been separated from the Fishman Island delegation. Don Sai and Leo rush to help her and defeat the agents of the celestial dragons. Rebecca chides Saint Charlos for his actions but Saint Charlos is focused on Shirahoshi.
Saint Charlos: "This is just like back then... On Sabaody.. You won't steal my mermaid prize from me!!!!”
Saint Charlos prepares to attack Shirahoshi with his pistol, but Shirahoshi accidentally squishes him and profusely apologizes. Rebecca tells Shirahoshi not to worry about it and the Dressrosa delegation runs off. Cut to just outside the courtyard, we see Saint Roswald unconscious along with many of his men. Bonney is violently shaking him and asking him where her father is. Popping out of the ground, Morley reveals that he's freed Kuma and is keeping him deep underground until they can escape.
Bonney: "The revolutionary army is here? You bastards got my papa into this mess!!!"
Morley: "Ho ho ho, he's your father? That explains the brash attitude!"
Bonney tries to hit Morley only for him to pop back into his hole, explaining he'll only let Bonney join up with them if she helps the other slaves to escape. Kuma is their ally but he wouldn't abandon those in need, either.

In the last page of the chapter, we see Im-sama's silhouette enter the room of deliberation. The gorosei get visibly uncomfortable and King Cobra is shocked.
Im-Sama's face is not shown but they appear considerably taller than everyone else in the room. Im-sama: "Lily's descendant..."
Editor's Note: The true face of the world government finally in sight?!
End of chapter. Break next week.


- Im is just a shadow


Page 4
Gorosei1: King Cobra of Arabasta,
Gorosei2: what do you wish to ask?
Cobra: Ah… where do I even begin… right then..
Cobra1: 800 years ago, the World Government..
Cobra2: ..was founded by the Twenty Kings.
Cobra: They’re regarded as the creators of the world…
Gorosei thinks: ……………
Cobra: ..and they relocated to Marijoa with their families.
Cobra: Overtime, they came to be known as the Celestial Dragons..
Cobra: ..and have ruled the world for the past 800 years.

Page 5
B1: Within their group, the Twenty Kings remain equal..
B2: ..such to ensure that no single dictator can be born.
B3: They deliberately created the Empty Throne..
B4: ..and surrounded it with the 20 weapons of the Twenty Kings, with an oath that no one would sit on it.
B1: On the other hand, in the twenty countries that lost their royal family..
B2: rulers were chosen and continue to rule in the present.
B3: Therefore, the names of the royal families that made up the first twenty
B4: no longer appear in their homelands..
B1: However, Arabasta was different!! The reigning queen at the timećƒ¼
B2: Queen Nefertari Lily, while keeping her name among the First Twenty,
B3: She turned down the offer to become one of the Celestial Dragons.
B4: By returning to Arabasta, her family name..
B5: ..stayed in her homeland.
Saturn: .......

Page 6
B1: Therefore, there are only 19 weapons that surround the throne.
Gorosei: That’s true.. what about it?
B2: I have looked into the ancient writings that remain in the country..
B3: ..but the only history that we can know of..
B4: just what was written in documents from after the Void Century..
B1: Queen Lily’s name
B2: isn’t found anywhere!!
B1: She never returned to the Arabasta Kingdom..
B2: Ever since then, Queen Lily’s younger brother governed Arabasta for her.
B3: Is there anything you know about this..?

Page 7
Saturn: Thinking about it..
DenDen1: This is an old story from 800 years ago..
2: It is true that the Nefertari family were the only rulers that didn’t end up living here..
3: But we also thought that they returned to their country, but the reasons and their whereabouts…
4: We have no way of knowing the ancient past.. Sorry about that, we don’t know.
B0: …..
B1: Well then,
B2: what does “D” mean?
B1: Why would you ask such a thing?
B2: Well, actually, there was a small letter from her, 800 years ago…
B3: It’s been passed down through the generations of the royal family..
B4: ?!

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