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3 Anime Outfits That Easily Identifiable for Halloween Costumes

Himiko Toga's Villain Costume Is A Fan Favorite (My Hero Academia)

Himiko Toga is a popular League of Villains member and a terrifying killer who perfectly suits Halloween. Toga's outfit resembles a school uniform that is instantly recognizable when paired with her signature blonde, twin bun hairstyle. Her full villain costume contains various gadgets that are optional yet quickly craftable from basic materials like foam.

Toga has an obsession with blood, which makes fake blood a widely available option for recreating her terrifying appearance. Under-eye blush and her distinctive vampire-like fangs are all that is necessary for her beloved villain look. Toga offers a potential costume that many villain fans will admire.

Satoru Gojo's Simplistic Style Is Intimidating (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen secures his place among anime's strongest sorcerers. Despite his high ranking among jujutsu sorcerers, Gojo's outfit is simplistic and consists of a plain black high-necked jacket with matching black pants. All that remains to complete his costume are his signature black bandana and a spiky white wig to bring the infamous sorcerer to life on Halloween.

Gojo's reputation for showing off his power to opponents makes him well known across shonen anime. His equally carefree and relentless personality creates a character that is as fun to act out as he is to cosplay.

Grace Field House Outfits Are Practical (The Promised Neverland)

The children of Grace Field House in The Promised Neverland reside within a horror-influenced anime and prove recognizable by their plain white uniforms. The human residents' outfits consist of simple white collared shirts paired with white pants or a pleated skirt. The chosen character's respective wig and number on the neck effectively ties the final costume together.

The outfits of the adult caretakers prove equally quick to create and consist of long black dresses, white aprons and blouses, and a bun hairstyle. Either option creates a potential costume that many fans of horror anime will recognize.

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