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MultiVersus Fan Designs Their Own Alternate Skins for Reindog

MultiVersus brings together a large cast of characters from a number of different franchises. The roster includes Batman, Bugs Bunny, Finn from Adventure Time, Arya Stark from Game of Thrones, and more. MultiVersus already has a large variety of fighters to choose from, with many more on the way.

One of the characters that stands out the most in MultiVersus is Reindog. The character was made just for the game and is the only fighter without an original property to pull from. The reindeer-dog hybrid has garnered a number of fans, including one gamer who came up with their own skins for the adorable creature.

A Redditor known as Bun_Boi posted a number of custom skins that they created for Reindog. The user drew five different skins, which include Salty Dog, a pirate version of the character, and Reindolf in a Christmas-inspired costume. The other three are Lucky Dog, which gives Reindog a more feline appearance as well as a satchel full of gold, Reingoat, a skin that turns the beast into a goat, and Reinboi, which makes the creature a lot fluffier. The versions of Reindog that Bun_Boi came up with are all great and would be amazing additions to MultiVersus.

Bun_Boi's custom skins have earned a bit of love with MultiVersus players. Gamers are especially enjoying Reingoat, Reinboi, and Lucky Dog. One commenter stated that they would drop Harley for a week if they could play as Lucky Dog, while another mentioned that they needed Reingoat yesterday. One user said they would pay an ungodly amount for Reinboi and Reindolf if they were actually in MultiVersus. Another fan brought up a good point that, since Reindog is an original character for the game, Warner Bros. could do whatever they want with him, and the commenter does not see why the company would not take full advantage of that fact.

MultiVersus is currently in its pre-season state and offers an underwhelming Battle Pass at the moment. However, game director Tony Huynh has confirmed that a full Battle Pass for MultiVersus will be available when the game enters Season One and it will have much more to unlock than the current one does. According to Huynh, the Battle Pass will cost around 950 Gleamium and will have 50 tiers of content. 1,000 Gleamium currently costs $10, so players will have a little extra should they purchase the Battle Pass, which should include badges, profile icons, stickers, emotes, and more.

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