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Doom Fan Recreates IRL Version of Game from Their Shed Using Cardboard

The stamp that classic Doom has left on the gaming world is pretty much permanent, and its continued popularity is brought on not only by the official reboots, but also by the modding community. In fact, the original entries have some of the most interesting mods in video game history, with some converting it into a new beast entirely. There is still so much love that fans want to give the series, and one person has created their own project entirely within their shed.

A YouTube user named Bill, who runs a channel called Games Made of Cardboard, uploaded a video not long ago which shows their own real-life version of Doom. It pays homage to the iconic game with its depiction of the game's monsters, set pieces, as well as music from both the classic installments and the reboots. As well as being made in their shed, all the assets were created with, as the name of the channel suggests, just cardboard. This makes the video even more impressive, and this is just part one, which the description says took Bill one and a half years to complete.

Cardboard might seem like an unusual material to recreate a game with, but something like this has happened a few times in the past. In fact, just recently someone made a driveable Mario Kart 8 vehicle entirely out of cardboard. There's also Nintendo Labo, which is essentially a series of cardboard toys that can be turned into Switch accessories, such as a motorbike, fishing rod, or even a working piano.

Id Software's series is simply ripe for modding and fan recreations. Its long legacy has had an immense impact on the FPS genre. Not only has the community been creating mods for the games pretty much since they came out almost thirty years ago, but Doom has been ported to many wild and wacky devices. Everything from a smartwatch to a treadmill and Minecraft have had the iconic shooter bestowed upon them.

In general, Doom is one of the best arena shooters of all time, and that includes Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal. As for when Bill will be able to reveal part two of their cardboard-based film, it's difficult to say. It clearly takes a very long time to bring the project to life, especially within a confined space, but this current video overall shows an impressive amount of skill and dedication that showcases nothing but love for the classic games.

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