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My Isekai Life: I Gained A Second Class And Become The Strongest Sage In The World Episode 4 Release Date: Truly Unusual Situation

One of the most eagerly anticipated anime this year was My Isekai Life. The release date for My Isekai Life Episode 4 will be discussed today. Fans initially learned that the anime version of their favourite light manga novel would debut in January. The initial key visual also contained extra information. A series of humorous fantasy light novels is called My Isekai Life. Shinkoshoto and Huuka Kazabana wrote and drew the book. The anime’s mind-blowing narrative is what thrills viewers the most; it plays on all of your nerves.

Yuji Sano is a corporate drone who is constantly working, whether in the workplace or at home. So when Yuji’s home PC displays a message informing him that he has been called to another realm, he restarts it only to discover that he has unintentionally accepted the summons. Yuji is currently in a fantastical setting that is far far from paperwork and technology, and his only thought is to awaken from what he believes to be a dream and return to the huge amount of work he left behind. But Yuji soon learns that this other planet has other plans for him after learning that his Monster Tamer character class enables him to get along with slimes.

And because they are so numerous, those slimes assist him in learning so much magic that he quickly acquires a second character class! Now that he is the finest sage the world has ever known, how will Yuji use his power? What with all that paper work, though?

My Isekai Life: I gained a second Class and become the strongest sage in the world Episode Recap

The second episode, “Trying Out a Party,” may be summed up as the viewer knowing further about Yuji, what his abilities are, and who his opponents are; sure, maybe in later episodes we’ll know more about that. We’re going to discover a little bit more about his psychology than we did from the weird sequence cut in the middle of the show where we were with Rodis, Lisa, and Tina. They were all ready to nod off when Yuji awoke from sleep, if you can call it that in this isekai world.

He talks in the manner of an office worker in his inner monologue, which is visible throughout the entire episode. We can see that he had been already employed as a salaryman before being transported—or however else you want to describe it—to the isekai universe. From what we can tell, his inner mentality now behaves like that of office workers.

Beginning with the third episode, Yuji learned about Delight Canyon, also referred to as the Valley of the Wind. The scum of Yuji are looking for the Earth Dragon. Suddenly, Yuji begins to remember something, and a flashback of him taking his adventurer registration exam is presented to us. To combat the canine-like beast, he commands his slime to cast a light rock spell. The sky then shifts, and everyone begins to have an odd feeling. Although Yuji’s slime proves that this isn’t the work of a monster, they too found it to be unsettling. The blue moon’s prophecy is then explained. We are told that the blue moon signals impending disaster.

If you’re wondering what calamity, you’ll have to look for yourself. Tell us your thoughts after seeing the third My Isekai Life: I gained a second Class and become the strongest sage in the world episode.

My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Class and become the strongest sage in the world Episode 4 Release Date

The episode 4 of My Isekai Life is going to release on 18 July 2022 at 8:00 PM in Tokyo, 18 July at 6:00 AM CST, 18 July at 7:00 AM EST and 18 July at 4:30 PM IST.

My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Class and become the strongest sage in the world Streaming Details

You can stream all episodes of My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Class and become the strongest sage in the world on Crunchyroll. It is the official streaming partner of many such anime.

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