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MGM is now part of Amazon

Amazon’s purchase of MGM for $8.45 billion is complete, without a public response from the FTC on whether or not it will challenge the deal. Reports have suggested for months that the FTC was considering a challenge, and The Wall Street Journal noted earlier this month that Amazon certified it had given the FTC all necessary information, setting a mid-month deadline that it would close the deal, with or without a response from the agency and its new leader, Lina Khan. After initially declining to comment on the deal’s closure, the FTC did send a statement to MangaDrone. The FTC’s office of public affairs director, Lindsay Kryzak, says “The FTC does not comment on any particular matters.

However, we reiterate that the Commission does not approve transactions and may challenge a deal at any time if it determines that it violates the law. Additionally, this summer the FTC announced that it will send pre-consummation warning letters in connection with deals it cannot fully investigate within the timelines established by the HSR Act. These letters alert merging parties that their transactions remain under investigation, and warn that consummation occurs at their own risk.” The FTC did not comment on whether or not Amazon has received such a letter. Earlier this week, the European Union’s antitrust commission gave Amazon’s purchase the green light, noting the “transaction would raise no competition concerns,” as the “overlaps” between both companies are “limited.” Amazon seems to have taken that as approval enough and has closed the deal nearly a year after both companies first signed off on it. Amazon’s landmark acquisition of the entertainment giant behind James Bond, Rocky, The Addams Family, The Handmaid’s Tale, and a host of other iconic shows and movies should help bolster Amazon’s existing Prime Video library. Amazon senior vice president Mike Hopkins said in a statement that “We welcome MGM employees, creators, and talent to Prime Video and Amazon Studios, and we look forward to working together to create even more opportunities to deliver quality storytelling to our customers.” The addition of MGM’s massive collection not to mention the possibility for more originals may help Amazon’s streaming service get an edge on Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney’s family of services. As it stands, Prime subscribers pay a (newly increased) fee of $139 / year fee to gain access to the over 26,000 movies and 2,700 series available on Prime Video, along with other perks like free two-day shipping on any purchases from the site. This news comes as other media behemoths are looking to shake things up in the streaming industry. Last year, AT&T announced that it’s merging WarnerMedia with Discovery in a move that encompasses shows from major networks including HBO, CNN, Cartoon Network, HGTV, TLC, Food Network, and more. The merger just got approved by the US government in February, and HBO Max and Discovery Plus will be combined into one app as a result.

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Elden Ring Is The Best-Selling Game Of 2022

Elden Ring has quickly clinched the top spot as the best-selling game of 2022 so far, according to this month’s NPD results. This feat is even more considerable as the game launched on February 25, and since the NPD Group only calculates sales up to February 25, this means that Elden Ring achieved this in only two days. The NPD Group compiles all sales across subscriptions, DLC, and games in the US, and the results show how meteoric Elden Ring has been.

Only Call of Duty: Vanguard has sold more in its launch month over the last 12 months, though to put the comparison in context, Elden Ring’s “launch month” only includes five days (and again based on how NPD gathers data, it’s really only been two days). With that context in mind, Elden Ring has already placed fifth across all games over the last 12 months as well. In terms of platform, Elden Ring was the best-selling game in February on PC and Xbox, taking second on PlayStation with Horizon Forbidden West still holding on. Pokemon Legends: Arceus claimed the third spot in overall sales in February 2022, with Dying Light 2 and Total War: Warhammer III reaching fourth and fifth, respectively. Given that Elden Ring has beaten GTA 5 and Among Us for the highest concurrent player count and (at the time of this writing) currently holds the third spot for the most concurrent player count, we can expect that next month’s NPD results will see Elden Ring at the top of many more charts. As for comparison between consoles, the NPD results reveals that the Playstation platform has had the highest revenue on console sales over the year, while Nintendo Switch has sold the most units. The Xbox series console came in second for both revenue and sales. In other news, an Elden Ring fan has made an app for the game to track quests and NPCs, and Square Enix has revealed Valkyrie Elysium as a PlayStation exclusive.