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Code is the last active Inner from Kara. Carrying Isshiki Ōtsutsuki's legacy within him, he inherited the Ōtsutsuki Clan's will to become a Celestial Being and continually evolve. At the time Kawaki was brought to Kara, Code was one of fifteen candidates selected to participate in Jigen and Amado's Ōtsutsuki ritual to screen for a Kāma vessel for Isshiki. Only Kawaki survived to become an actual vessel. Code, on the other hand, displayed shaking and spasms such as the unsuccessful and deceased candidates, but managed to survive upon which his branded mark became a White Kāma.

Sometime after the Ōtsutsuki ritual and already deeply loyal to Isshiki, Code was so jealous to see only Kawaki proved viable as Isshiki's next vessel that he came to openly hate Kawaki and even made it clear that if Kawaki weren't the vessel, Code would kill him with his own hands. Meanwhile, with the astounding reaction that took place in Code's body borne of the Kāma implant and mutation, Code's combat abilities came to exceed Jigen's. While anyone in Kara who became stronger than Jigen through modifications would normally be disposed of to avoid undermining his position of leader, Code was exempted due to his unwavering loyalty, leading Amado to instead install limiters in Code's body that only the scientist could deactivate. Being an Inner of Kara, Code is regarded as completely monstrous in terms of power. While the true extent of his power is unknown, Amado has noted that his peak combat abilities far exceed Jigen's, making him the strongest member of Kara next to the resurrected Isshiki. Even with his limiters in place, he is apparently still among the stronger Inners, being considered stronger than Delta, Boro, and possibly a match for Koji Kashin. Amado also believes that void of the Nine-Tails, Code's suppressed might could possibly defeat the Seventh Hokage. He was also trusted to guard the valuable Ten-Tails. He can also use the Yin Release to perform the Genjutsu Communication. He has shown advanced hand-to-hand combat prowess, able to easily dodge and counter Kawaki's attacks. Having had his body thoroughly modified with Scientific Ninja Tools by Amado, Code is able to weaponize portions of his body. Similar to Kawaki and Delta, he is capable of transforming his fingers into razor sharp talons which can effortlessly slice through flesh. He was also given the unique ability mix his chakra and blood to create and spread numerous black bands like the one covering his face and arms. These bands will adhere to anything they come in contact with and act as a personal portal he can pass through, either partially or completely, allowing him to strike from any location the bands touch. Unlike the other Inners of Kara whose combat abilities were enhanced by Amado, Code was given additional modifications as limiters to restrain the tremendous power he gained from the White Kāma. As a failed vessel of Isshiki Ōtsutsuki that survived the procedure, Code bears a White Kāma which grants him access to his master's "pure power". Though the extent of its abilities remains unknown, according to Amado, the way his body responded to the White Kāma gave him abnormally great power, exceeding even Jigen's. However, it is unable to absorb jutsu. As noted by Isshiki, in time it will allow him to transform into a complete, perfect Ōtsutsuki and carry out the clan's will of devouring worlds and evolving in order to attain godhood. When activated, it spreads grey markings along the left side of its body forming a pattern that almost mirrors Jigen's, extending to the left eye.

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