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Amado is a former Inner from the organisation Kara and the head of its research and development division. He has since defected to Konohagakure, where he used a mix of bluffs and gifts to gain official citizenship for the Hokage's protection. Amado had a daughter who died twelve years prior to Isshiki's assault on Konoha. In his quest to kill Isshiki Ōtsutsuki, Amado joined Kara and was granted the rank of Inner, serving as the head of its research and development division. He even created cyborgs that exceeded Jigen's power, Ada and Daemon, but the latter quickly ordered them to be eliminated. Amado imbued Ada with the ability to become irresistibly attractive to anyone except blood relatives or the Ōtsutsuki clan and imbued Daemon with the ability to instantly turn an opponent's attack against him. Ada's skill prevented Boro from getting rid of her and her brother as ordered, and Ada came to hate Amado for taking the ability to be genuinely loved from her.


At some point after this, Amado came up with an alternate scheme against Isshiki when he acquired genetic information of Jiraiya, and used it to create a clone, Koji Kashin, who became his secret ally in their goal of killing Isshiki through his vessel in Jigen. During his time within the organisation, Amado has gained complete knowledge of Kara and the Ōtsutsuki Clan. Because of this, Jigen had forbidden him to ever leave headquarters; to do so would amount to treason that could well result in Amado's execution. As an Inner of Kara, Amado is described as having completely monstrous abilities. Amado is fast enough to easily close the distance between him and Shikadai Nara in an instant and bind him upon being freed from his paralysis. He can also use Yin Release to project an image of himself to talk with people from a distance. Amado is an exceptionally intelligent man with exceedingly advanced knowledge in science and technology, with Kawaki describing him as a technological genius. Even Katasuke Tōno, Konoha's lead scientist and a recognised genius himself, openly acknowledged Amado's talents as well beyond his own. He single-handedly greatly augment the various abilities of the Inners and likewise can create cyborgs whose power exceeded Jigen. He provided Jigen with the means to improve the chances of candidate being compatible with Kāma. He could also clone humans. Using the DNA of Jiraiya, he created a perfect clone the legendary Sannin in his prime in Koji Kashin. He also created a drug that weakens the Byakugan in the hopes of defeating Isshiki, and was useful in stopping Momoshiki from reincarnating in Boruto's body. In the anime, his technological prowess was such that he could even revive the recently deceased. While his true capabilities remain unknown, Amado is shown to be a very methodical and knowledgeable man. Well-prepared, he skilfully uses a variety of technology to prevail. He is also shown to be a proficient tactician and deceiver, planning several steps ahead, such as pretending to plant an explosive collar device on Shikadai to use him as a leverage to fool Shikamaru and Konoha. He also came up with a successful plan to force Isshiki Ōtsutsuki to reincarnate in Jigen's body and simultaneously remove Kawaki's Kāma, which even earned him Isshiki's praise. As head of Kara's research and development division, Amado has been credited with the development of all of its fearsome Shinobi-ware and cyborgs. His technological genius directly resulted in the proliferation and advancement of scientific ninja tools far beyond the Scientific Ninja Weapons Team's combined capabilities, having been able to invent a number of uniquely powerful devices or expand upon those already distributed. He has also designed the organisation's autonomous puppets, used for fighting or otherwise simple tasks. Each member of Kara was granted monstrous capabilities while outfitted with his technological advancements. Amado noted that he was even able to design cyborgs with capabilities that surpassed Jigen in terms of power, leading the latter to order their disposal. Among them were cyborgs that held unique abilities to perceive current and past events and to instantly reflect an opponent's attack. He also managed to modify Ada with the ability to infatuate those around her, protecting her from harm and submitting to her demands. Other powerful devices were implemented into Kara's cyborgs, including those that could heal virtually any injury, weapons that could counter an individual's regenerative abilities, and devices that could absorb, store, and release absorbed ninjutsu. He also developed a powerful virus capable of incapacitating those who are exposed to it. He was even able to modify Kawaki, Delta, and Code down to the circulatory and nervous systems, implanting an extremely high level of Shinobi-Ware in the form of microscopic scientific ninja tools throughout their entire bodies. Similarly, Amado was able to extensively augument Ao with Shinobi-ware, effectively rehabilitating him enough to engage in intense combat. Even the genius engineer, Katasuke Tōno, expressed awe at the level with which Amado had turned Kawaki into a living Scientific Ninja Tool and later noting that it was above his own level of expertise. Amado is also capable of restoring the arm Kawaki lost to Delta's Destruction Beam. Such modifications afforded him the opportunity to include power-limitters and shutdown commands into their shinobi-ware. Amado makes regular use of computers and tablets, using them to store the organisation's most vital information, monitor his teammates when operating on them, or check the status of his other scientific ninja tools. Amado has revealed a number of tools that he can summon into his possession. Even when immobilised, he can programme them to activate with slight gestures. He makes use of devices such as explosive collars and a drug capable of instantly knocking people out that he administers through needles from his gloves. Against Shikadai, he used a tool shaped like a tuning fork to repel and nullify techniques that require concentration, such as the former's Shadow Imitation Technique. For espionage, he's developed tools that can be used to gather information, such as Delta's drone that can sense chakra, track invisible targets, and store information whilst being hidden from sensors. He can also modify and make use of animals. With similar modifications, he has been able to share their vision or project what they see, using his glasses. He also performed modifications on himself.

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