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Eternals Movie Reviews

I really enjoyed this movie. It is different than the typical MCU movie that I have loved so far but it totally delivers. I liked understanding finally the cosmology of the Marvel universe and seeing how humanity has evolved throughout the ages through the gaze of the eternals. Each character motivations and personalities shine through the movie. Kingo, Icarus, Sarsi, Thena were amazing and Kamari powers as a speedster were breathtaking. I can't wait to see the rest of this story as the mid credit and after credits scenes are amazing. The movie is also incredibly beautiful m. Things that I liked less: the love stories of Sarsi and Icarus made the movie unnecessarily long and wasn't compelling. I would have liked to learn more about her love story with Dan, a mortal.

Also I wasn't convinced of why the eternals ended up loving humanity to the point of trying to save it. A couple of love interests and a few shots of them mingling with people wasn't enough. Good change of pace for Marvel. Got extremely bored with the same formula to each of their films. Darker tone and helped change the rules in the MCU. Hoping for more of this from Marvel and not to fall back into the “Avengers” formula. All action with zero risk gets awfully boring. Build off of End Game and movies like Eternals to set rules/risks. Expansive is the word it covers so much territory and so many characters. However at its core it family, friendship and love. Humanity, mortality, and morality this is about more than just saving the day. I took my sons and our whole family loved it. The end credits left me wanting more. Marvel's Eternals has a lot in it and many moving parts. Some characters get shorted but everyone has a moment to shine. All in all it delivered and left me wanting more. I can see why Marvel talked about it taking the MCU into a whole new direction. It has something far more important than the action (which is awesome btw). It weaves out a Beautiful story of Eternal themes; family, love, compassion, remorse, yearning and loss. Most heroic #MCU film to date. The film takes its time in putting across how important these aspects of life are. I'm reminded of a drawn out violence scene in "wild at heart" that I began to find disturbing and uncomfortable. Then I got it, viewing violence is disturbing but we've gotten used to it onscreen. I think the same intention is in the eternals. We're being asked to consider these emotions and experiences as real in that world as it is in ours, and not just a tokenistic nod. These are adults dealing with adult issues in a fantastical world. So I get people's disappointment if they wanted the same old "adults acting like adolescents" Adding the true spice of life to the film was a brave move on Marvel's part, which some might have found too spicy and unpalatable. Hopefully people will get used to it and start to enjoy the richer flavours and themes. Otherwise their viewing experience will stay pretty bland.

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