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Classic Happy Thanksgiving Card For 2021

This Thanksgiving card from Got Free Cards wishes the recipient a Happy Thanksgiving with all the colors of the season. You can add text, photos, and digital stickers to the inside of this Thanksgiving card before printing it as a one-sided or front and back card.

Making Thanksgiving cards doesn't have to be difficult if you keep in mind a few basic card making tips:

    To make the process easier on yourself, don't try to create 20-30 cards in one evening. Allow yourself plenty of time to get the project finished.
    If you have the room, make an "assembly line" with all the supplies you need to make your cards laid out in a step-by-step fashion.
    While many people do choose to buy pre-made envelopes for their cards, you can save money by making your own envelopes from the paper of your choice.
    Don't fret if your cards aren't all 100% perfect. Handmade cards with a few quirks are just that much more charming!

Designing Your Cards

When making custom Thanksgiving cards, you can choose from a variety of embellishments. Patterned paper, stickers, rub-ons, chipboard shapes, and rubber stamps are available in designs featuring apples, pumpkins, leaves, pilgrims, turkeys, and other seasonal fall accents. If you want to have your children help you with your card making project, use a handprint turkey as the basis for your design. Traditional color schemes for Thanksgiving cards incorporate rich autumn shades:

    Forest green
    Burnt orange

A greeting card that features a photo is sure to be appreciated by family and friends. Even people who don't normally save the cards they receive hang on to photo cards.

Ideas for Thanksgiving photo cards can include:

    Have your children dress up as pilgrims.
    Snap a candid shot of your kids playing in the leaves.
    Take a picture of the family at the local pumpkin patch.
    Get pictures of the family chef practicing recipes for Thanksgiving dinner.

When you make custom Thanksgiving cards with family photos, consider using photo corners to attach the image you choose to the front of the card. This will make it easier for the recipient to place the photo in a frame or album at a later date.

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