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Arcane: League of Legends: Season 1 Reviews

Coming from a gamer with little to no knowledge of the League of Legends universe, I can sum the first three episodes of this show up in one word: Incredible. Quite possibly the best example of mature storytelling through the use of animation to come out of a western studio, ever. One of the best shows I've seen in quite some time. I am huge fan of animation as storytelling medium, but it often has this issue of either being aimed at children and because of it glossing over darker themes or when it's aimed at older audiences focusing on sex, cursing and grossout humour. So it was refreshing to get show aimed at older audiences so driven by storytelling and showing some of the impact that situations shown would have on characters. The animation, voice acting and music selected is also amazing. I have recommended this show to everyone I know. A must watch for me, never thought this show could bring out such an amazing cast of characters, storytelling and great acting/animations just based on what we had vaguely known through the lores prior to this masterpiece. What's better is that not only did it deliver such an amazing story but also making it so that non-lol players can enjoy it too! 

So well written. Flow, character development and authenticity is spot on. You really feel the struggle within Vi, Vander and all the others in Zaun's dark alleys. As a League of Legends fan, the gitty excitement, as we are introduced to these people, and know how they end up later in their lives, is just insanely well set up. They leave enough up to all of us crazy theory crafters, so that the show gets widely debated on various forums. Absolutely brilliant arc. Keep it up RIOT.

Arcane currently stands at the top of IMDb’s database of highest-rated movies and TV shows tagged with the keyword “Netflix-original,” closely followed by Kota Factory with a 9.2/10 and The Last Dance with a 9.1/10. For a more audience-related comparison, The Witcher, which had a 91 percent audience score, only got an 8.2 on IMDb. Arcane, which was released just a couple of days ago, is a new animated series developed by Riot Games in collaboration with Netflix and tells the story of two of League of Legends‘ most iconic champions. Set in the opposed cities of Piltover and Zaun, the series follows two sisters, Vi and Powder, who live in the outskirts ghetto of Piltover and find the corpses of their parents among the wreckage caused by turmoil between the undercity’s residents and the city’s cops. The initial and unsurprising success of this project has made headlines all over the world and could very well have liberated the gaming industry from a long history of game-to-movie adaptation failures. While Arcane’s gaming-focused audience may limit its reach and keep it from obtaining viewer numbers such as those that Squid Game celebrated a few weeks ago, the success of this new show is an important milestone for both Netflix and Riot and its success could well be the detonator for other gaming collaborations.The next three episodes of Arcane will be released on Saturday, Nov. 13. The final three episodes of the season will drop the following Saturday, Nov. 20.

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