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Is Disney XD releasing an Among Us TV show?

 Rumors about an Among Us TV show have started making rounds on the internet, and fans are quite curious to know whether if there is actually any credibility to it. Among Us was released back in 2018, but it only rose to popularity last year. Amidst the pandemic, Among Us became insanely popular among streamers and players, with millions of players playing it on a daily basis to find the impostor. This newfound popularity for the game made the developers work on a sequel for the title. MORE: Among Us Has Been Added To The PlayStation Database, Revealing Possible Release Date However, it was eventually announced that there will not be a sequel for the game, but they will instead work on improving the existing game itself. We did see a number of updates soon after that, including the release of the much-coveted Airship map. There are tons of stuff lined up for the critically acclaimed title but what fans have been wondering is whether an Among Us TV Show is in the works. Here is all you need to know about it. Is Disney XD releasing an Among Us TV show? A tweet on the Twitter account DXDisneyXD states that an Among Us TV Show will be airing on Disney XD in October this year. This tweet has been retweeted over 10k times by now, and it has led many fans to believe that Disney XD is indeed working on an Among Us TV Show. 

Well if you got a bit optimistic out there about the Among Us TV Show, then you would be disappointed to hear that the tweet is not real. The tweet is from a parody account and is in no way related to DisneyXD. For the record, the official Twitter handle of Disney XD is @DisneyXD. So if we ever get an Among Us TV Show on Disney XD in the near future, you need to keep a tab on the official Twitter handle and not fall for fake parodies.

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