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Beyond Good & Evil 2 Might Not Arrive On PS4 and Xbox One

Beyond Good and Evil 2 seems quite less likely to release on last-gen consoles as per recent developments. Announced back at E3 2017, the game has been in development ever since, but the lack of further information from Ubisoft created a lot of uncertainty around the title with many fans even believing that the game has been canceled. MORE: Ubisoft’s Michel Ancel Announces Departure from Video Games, Development of Beyond Good and Evil 2 and WiLD Will Continue A few weeks ago, Ubisoft cleared the air around the game by announcing that the game is indeed in development. However, it further stated that it’s too early to say more about the game although it is one of those projects for which the developers have ambitious plans for. 


 After the update, fans got quite excited about the game and many were expecting that we might see the game in 2023. However, the latest development might disappoint many fans out there. Beyond Good & Evil 2 Might Not Arrive On Last-Gen Consoles A Resetera user has posted that the beta testing shows that there are only two consoles available to between. This includes PS5 and Xbox Series X, apart from the PC version. The user noticed this while checking the beta invite for XDefiant, an upcoming shooter from Ubisoft for which he had apparently received the wrong invite for. This might be quite disappointing news for many fans out there, but it does make sense to a lot of extent. The game has been in development since 2012 and was announced in 2017 when next-gen consoles were nowhere close to launching. However, recent reports have suggested that the game might be having development issues, especially with Beyond Good & Evil game designer Michel Ancel leaving the company last year. If the 2023 release date is even close to true, then it will be a total of three years since the launch of last-gen consoles, so we might expect barely a few developers supporting last-gen consoles by that time.

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