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Best Free Xbox Games on the Xbox Microsoft Store

Here’s our top 10 list of free Xbox games available for free download in the Xbox Microsoft Store. Everyone knows Xbox for their brand establishing titles such as Halo and Gears of War. But their free games are also the reason fans log in every day to get lost in a vast multiplayer shooter or fantasy MMORPG. I fondly remember going to a friend’s house as a kid and playing Dead or Alive 3 on his original Xbox. Even the memory of booting up Halo 2 and hearing those heavenly harmonious hums will forever be etched into my mind. To this day, Xbox remains a staple in the gaming community and continues to serve gamers around the world with their fantastic games. On that account, here are our personal favourite free Xbox games downloadable in the Xbox Microsoft Store. MORE – Best Free PlayStation Games on the PS Store – PS4 & PS5 10 Best Free Games on Xbox Fortnite This colourful and fantastically chaotic PvP has taken the world by storm. And by that, I mean I’ve died by the storm more times than kids have smacked a loot Llama. Fight for the ‘Victory Royale’, and feel nothing but a symphony of adrenaline, relief, and pure joy come over you. So, parachute in and get ready to loot your socks off, or be prepared to get your butt whacked by multiple pickaxes.
Roblox Roblox, the game I have ready on my phone so that kids don’t bother me too much when I look after them. Despite this, the game itself is truly a hub for creativity, with tons of content made by the Roblox community, ready to be played and enjoyed. It’s no wonder why kids are glued to this game, as you can also spend hours scouring for your favourite modes, maps, customizable skins, and more.
Call of Duty: Warzone Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) was truly a first-person shooter’s dream come true. Now we still get to enjoy the fruits of their labour with this remarkable Battle Royale. Additionally, the game is filled with tremendous visual and auditory design that will keep you coming back for more. No such thing as an overabundance of guns, explosions, and high thrills when playing Warzone.
Brawlhalla Looking for a competitive fighting game that will test your might? Then this Smash Brother’s inspired game will more than tickle your fancy. Choose between an array of characters, all with unique stats and abilities. Then smash your opponents off the stage in a wonderful display of technical skill and brute force.
Rocket League Fly high across the sky in a modded car. Not like how Harry Potter and Ron Weasley did, but more like an unhinged daredevil. Rocket League is a game made to test your mid-air maneuverability and how how fast you can bolt your way across the field. Possibly totaling and destroying your car in a fiery fashion along the way. With different game modes like soccer, football, and basketball. Every game feels fresh and dangerous, as anything can happen.
Destiny 2 This futuristic, open planetary universe will keep you occupied for eons, due to how much content you can lose yourself in. With a plethora of weapons to be found and treasure to be looted along the way. Advance through an arrangement of visually stunning planets to raid, loot, and complete objectives. Explore the worlds with friends or online, and you are sure to find an intergalactic item worth picking up.
Apex Legends This open-world Battle Royale provides thrilling fights and fast engagements that can last less than 5 seconds if you aren’t careful! Each weapon has the capability to blow your enemies away, and every character is suited to various play styles. If extensive lore, vibrant characters, and maps excite you, try out this mix of first person-shooting, unique abilities, and strategy. And be weary that every decision is crucial and can turn the tide of battle.
Killer Instinct Are you ready for some brain-bashing, skull-crushing antics? Because Killer Instinct pulls no punches, rather, flurries them right at you. The game has a huge line-up of amazingly designed characters to choose from, and a bunch of stages to demolish your enemies in. Whether it be a humungous sword or good ole fisticuffs. Each fight feels brutal and is a real spectacle to watch.
Paladins If ability shooters pique your interest, then Paladins cannot be recommended enough. Firstly, you don’t have to reach for your wallet to enjoy the experience of completing objectives, taking zones, and escorting payloads. Personally, I like to play support to ensure my team survives as long as possible, in addition to also nabbing a few kills. That said, with over 30 plus characters to choose from, you will definitely find the perfect playstyle and kick ass on the map.
Hawken If enormous, rapid-moving mech-suits with heavy artillery sounds appealing to you, then Hawken is one of the best mech games have to offer. All whilst being entirely free! Have no fear for microtransactions or pay-to-win models. Hawken gives you the option to grind the game and unlock all of its content for no extra fees. Brave the battlefield and feel the power of those high explosive rounds, as they turn your opponents into nothing more than a heaping hot pile of molten metal.

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