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Who is Alice in Genshin Impact? New Klee Lore Explained

Genshin Impact has several unreleased characters mentioned in the lore in-game, sometimes we haven’t even seen what these characters look like at all this is the case of Alice, the mother of 5 star character Klee, and fans have been trying to figure her out, most notably through fanart. Alice is definitely one of the most mysterious characters of Genshin Impact, and it doesn’t look like miHoYo will reveal her anytime soon. However, we might learn something new about Alice with Midsummer Island Adventure, the main event of Genshin Impact Version 1.6, focusing on Klee. Alice is one of the most famous Adventurers in Teyvat, the world of Genshin Impact. She possibly already explored all seven regions from Mondstadt to Snezhnaya and wrote her impressions in the Teyvat Travel Guides, which the Traveler and Paimon are collecting.


Most notably, we learn during Mona’s Story Quest Act I that Alice is friends with Mona’s astrology master, and how they know each other for over 50 years. Alice is as such estimated to be over 60 years old. However, she might not be human, as hinted by Klee’s elf-like ears. Alice is also a renowned alchemist, and is an important member of a group of witches called the Hexenzirkel. This is why many Genshin Impact fans believe Alice will sport a witch-like outfit. Alice’s whereabouts are currently unknown, as she left her daughter Klee with the Knights of Favonius before going on an adventure with her husband, three years before the current events of Genshin Impact, the Teyvat story chapter. Interestingly, Alice is also the one who explained the concept of Japanese idols to Barbara. By gifting her an idol magazine. As such, many fans made theories on how Alice can travel to parallel worlds, including one similar to ours. As explained above, since Alice is a witch, many fans imagine her with a witch outfit. The beautiful artwork by Momoka Neko is heavily inspired by Klee, as we know Alice is the one who taught her daughter how to craft bombs. Alice and Klee have very similar personalities as well, as commented in-game by Jean and Albedo. It’s important to note however we don’t know if Alice will actually ever be playable, or what kind of Vision and Weapon Type she’d use. As far as I know, it’s unconfirmed whether Alice is a Vision Holder like the playable characters of Genshin Impact and her own daughter. Lastly, many fans are expecting the mysterious character voiced by Kikuko Inoue in 1.6 to be Alice. There are only a few days left until June 9 and the launch of Version 1.6 and its event, so we should have some answers then. With the final phase of the event, we have our answers now, alongside several new pieces of backstory for Alice and Klee. Keep in mind this contains spoilers if you haven’t finished the Midsummer Island Adventure event. First off, during the cutscene with Alice’s recording, we most notably hear about Alice and Klee being elves, with much longer lifespans than humans. We technically already knew that seeing Klee’s ears. However, the most important part is how Alice claims that despite being on an adventure very far away, she regularly goes back to Mondstadt unnoticed to check on Klee and the others. Seeing she’s described as a powerful sorceress and elf, this could mean she can teleport. Moreover it’s all but confirmed that she can teleport to other worlds as well. Just as hinted by the idol magazine she gave to Barbara. In the recording, Alice mentioned the name Golden Apple Archipelago is a reference to a popular story she heard in another world. The Traveler twins, protagonists of Genshin Impact, do come from another world in the first place, so it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch that other powerful people in Teyvat can actually travel to other worlds as well.

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