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Warzone Season Four Kicks Off With New Invisibility Glitches

Season Four of Call of Duty: Warzone is off to a bad start, with the latest update already introducing all-new invisibility glitches that have already prompted developer Raven Software to disable previously nerfed armored trucks entirely. This is becoming a trend for the Call of Duty franchise, one that players are becoming increasingly irritated by. Warzone is the battle royale complement of Activision’s Call of Duty franchise, and its both wildly popular at its best and a routinely unbalanced, buggy experience at its worst. Season Four looked to mix up the game with a new limited-time event, a dirt bike, new map changes, and an all-new operator. However, in a cycle that seems to repeat with each massive update that Raven introduces, the new season appears to brought back one of the game's most exploitable and unfair glitches.

Call of Duty Season Four has launched has officially kicked off, and Warzone players are already experiencing significant issues. Warzone’s notorious invisibility glitch has reared its ugly head once more, making some players undetectable during matches. In a Raven Software tweet, the developer announced that it was indeed aware of the issue and working on a patch. This was followed up by a second tweet and another change to the game's Trello board, with Raven revealing that a late Thursday update to Warzone has reportedly addressed at least one instance of the invisibility glitch. Also new to Season Four, new Sat-Links have been distributed across the map for players to interact with. These beacons have fallen from the sky (as seen in the update's dramatic reveal trailer) and crashed down onto Verdansk. These Sat-Links are a part of the new Ground Fall Warzone event. A new dirt bike for players to ride around on has also been added, most likely as a way to reduce players's overuse of overpowered cargo trucks, instead encouraging them to traverse the map in more fun, vulnerable ways. As fate would have it, though, the removal of the hulking vehicles has solved that particular issue for now. The new cases of invisibility glitches aren't the only problems introduced or reintroduced to Warzone in Season 4, so it can be hoped that Raven will soon get a lid on the list of new bugs and errors. With luck, players can soon return to exploring the new secret portals strewn across the map as a part of Season Four without needing to watch for invisible foes. What Warzone's mysterious red doors hide isn't yet known, but it is clear that they probably won't contain any armored trucks.

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