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How My Hero Academia Improves The Vampire Genre

The way in which Hero Academia's Himiko Toga expresses how she feels about the people she likes makes most vampires' struggles seem less tragic. The tragedy of Himiko Toga's Quirk in My Hero Academia makes the afflictions that vampires suffer on account of their need to suck the blood of mortals appear less dire. The most intriguing stories about these mythical creatures of the night involve those who struggle with their survival being wholly contingent on sucking human blood, oftentimes because they have an aversion toward doing so or are bound by some self-imposed ethical code. Whatever the reason, these more sensitive vampires try to avoid this most wretched activity at all costs.
Similar to vampires, the My Hero Academia villain known as Himiko Toga also consumes blood, but her impulse is not driven out of necessity. Additionally, she oftentimes finds herself unable to stop feasting on her victims' blood once she starts the process, another common failing many vampires share. However, unlike her vampiric counterparts, Toga ingests blood to activate her Transform Quirk, which allows her to look and sound like the person whose blood she sucks. It was originally believed that this was the only reason why she performed the act. But it is later revealed that she's compelled to suck the blood of those she likes so she can become them.
Later on, Toga learns that she's also able to adopt her victim's Quirk if her affinity for the victim is especially strong, which ends up being the case with hero Ochaco Uraraka from Class 1-A. Wanting to become more like her, Toga utilizes Ochaco's Zero Gravity Quirk to kill another person. What makes Toga's situation all the more tragic is that in her excitement, Toga relates this to Ochaco while battling her in chapter 289 in hopes this information would bring them closer together. But as a hero, Ochaco is appalled that Toga used her power for murder and makes sure to convey her disgust. Toga is so heartbroken by Ochaco's response that she ends up leaving in tears. And therein lies the true tragedy of Toga's predicament in My Hero Academia. Toga usually consumes blood from those she acquires through combat and therefore only transforms into people who dislike or view her as an enemy. Additionally, even if Toga were to suck the blood of a nonhero, the blood's rightful owner would still undoubtedly dislike the experience, as most people would not enjoy or welcome their blood being drained from them. In other words, the way in which Toga shows her affection for those she has an affinity for will rarely - if ever - be reciprocated. More likely than not, this display would only generate unpleasant feelings towards Toga even if the victim knew why she did what she did. Or, at the very least, they would be skeeved out. Meanwhile, Vampires suck blood because they have to in order to survive. Unfortunately, Himiko Toga sucks blood out of love and can therefore either show her affection and risk being hated or never truly express how she feels for someone.

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