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Darkhawk's Armor Makes Iron Man Look Like an Amateur

Darkhawk's suit of armor is in many ways more impressive than Iron Man's, and in a special new one-shot, fans get to see it in action. The Darkhawk armor is one of the most mysterious suits of armor in the Marvel Universe, and in the one-shot Darkhawk: Heart of the Hawk, readers are reminded of just how powerful it is as well, capable of rivaling even Iron Man’s armor. Darkhawk first appeared in 1991’s Darhawk #1 and was created by writer Tom DeFalco and artist Mike Manley. His secret identity is teenager Chris Powell, who found an amulet in an abandoned amusement park that switched his body with that of an android in an alternate dimension, which Chris could control. Initially fighting street-level crime, Darkhawk eventually found himself caught up in Marvel’s cosmic scene; in addition, Chris learned over time Darkhawks’ origin was much more complicated—that his amulet was actually from Null Space, and that he was part of a race of warriors called “Raptors.” Eventually Chris and the Darkhawk armor merged into one, giving him even more fantastic powers. In Darkhawk: Heart of the Hawk, a special one-shot released to commemorate Darkhawk's 30thanniversary, fans get to see him in action one more time.
The one-shot consists of three stories. The first, titled “Cry of the City,” written by Danny Fingeroth with are from Mike Manley, is set early in Darkhawk’s career. In this adventure, his powers are straightforward: flight and super strength among them; interestingly enough, he also has special senses that allow him to detect heat signatures. All of these abilities allow him to fight street-level crime effectively,. But in the second story, set during his time in space, titled “Long Way from Home,” and written by Dan Abnett with art by Andrea Di Vito, readers see the armor has adapted to be capable of cosmic combat. In addition to the aforementioned super strength and flight, Darkhawk can now fly at faster than light speeds and fire energy blasts powerful enough to stop the Brood. Readers also see Darkhawk tap into the Datasong, a virtual space containing the memories of previous Raptors, which gave him the information he needed to defeat the Brood. During this fight, Darkhawk acknowledges his weakness—he does not tap into the full potential of the armor.
Darkhawk’s armor is highly adaptable, capable of configuring itself to match what situation it is in—something Iron Man’s armor cannot do. For example, when Iron Man joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, he had to build a special suit of armor just to function in space; Darkhawk’s armor is versatile and there is no need to build more than one. The versatility of Darkhawk’s armor, able to function on the streets or in space, gives him a serious advantage over Iron Man, and readers can see why in Darkhawk: Heart of the Hawk #1, on sale now in print and digital.

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