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These Christmas crafts are inspiring us to DIY our decor right now

Sure Christmas is set to be a little different this year, but if anything it's simply amplified our love and need of gorgeous Christmas decorating ideas and this year, we're being even more original – to be precise – we're making Christmas crafts!

So we've selected these easy Christmas craft ideas to keep you and your family merry and bright throughout the festive period. Chances are, we'll have more time on our hands than normal, so it's the perfect excuse to get crafting!

Tried and tested for both ease and enjoyment, these 6 DIY Christmas craft ideas are not only mindful and calming activities, but the final products themselves are of high quality and high style too - you can trust us because we're pretty tough critics when it comes to DIY Christmas decorations after all.

1. Craft and paint your own Scandi-style tree decorations

How gorgeous are these simple wooden tree decorations? If you (or someone in your household) is a dab hand at sawing wood, these Christmas Scandi-style designs are so easy to make. Simply cut out two plywood triangles, one with a slit at the bottom, and one with a slit at the top. Slot them together to form the tree shape and paint in any pattern and colour you like! We really love the muted, frosty shades used here by Rustoleum, but a cheery classic green would just as well!

2. Discover origami with a floral paper wreath

Have you ever tried origami? This kit from Not on the High Street really is a very simple introduction to the technique, as it only involves easy folds. The set comes with the paper flowers and leaves already cut out for you, so you can get straight on with the fun, creative part - choosing how to layer up your flowers and where to position them. You attach the flowers with glue, and the finished product really is just as impressive as it looks here - we'd be tempted to keep it up all year round!

3. Make it personal by crafting your own Christmas crackers

Everyone loves pulling crackers at Christmas, but let's face it, the presents are never up to much are they? But imagine if you could plan your family's cracker presents? It really would be an extra special surprise that they wouldn't expect. And it's easier to make your own than you may think.

For this Christmas craft idea, essentially all you need to do is paint an A4 piece of paper in any pattern of your choice, score the folds, insert a loo roll and cracker snap and tie together. For step by step instructions and photos, head to Rustoleum.

4. Enjoy cross stitch the easy way with this large festive wall hanging

Cross stitch can be a little fiddly, but with this larger than life pattern, it's fast and one of the easiest Christmas crafts that will create a stand-out design. This kit from Not on the High Street comes with all you need, including the laser cut, plywood base, cotton thread, needle, and cord to hang. It's a fairly quick craft project that'll only take around two hours, making it perfect for a fun craft afternoon with friends, even if it is via Zoom. Plus we guarantee you'll bring this out year after year to liven up an empty wall. 

5. Go fun and playful with a colorful pom pom wreath

Now this one was love at first sight for us. If you're looking for a fun Christmas craft project to do together as a family, this is perfect. You can choose your six yarn colour yourself so you can match it up to your decorating scheme perfectly, as well as choosing between large or small pom poms, or a mixture of both. The set includes clear instructions as to how to make the pom poms and attach them, and even comes with a ribbon for hanging. Get the festive tunes blasting and the mince pies flowing and you'll have a great afternoon with this kit from Not on the High Street.

6. Or keep stylish and subtle with these dainty DIY hanging decorations

We spotted this creative idea on Instagram by @theresa_gromski and it's one we certainly could not scroll past! They're so easy to make with things you have lying around the kitchen too. Simply mix together one and a half cups of table salt, four cups of plain flour and one a half cups of warm water to make a firm dough. Roll out into an even thin layer, just like making biscuits, and use any shape cutter to cut out your decorations. 

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