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Ten DIY Christmas decoration ideas for this festive season

Do not let the Covid-19 pandemic steal your Christmas this year.

Celebrate with family and friends by decorating your house on a low budget by following the DIY ideas listed below.

Go big outdoors

Nothing sets the tone for Christmas more than having a truly show-stopping display at the front door, So get creative, thing outside the box and swap the traditional string lights for something jaw dropping.

Balloon tree

Trade the old classic Christmas tree for a balloon tree. This helps to choose colours that match your theme and is cheaper than a Christmas tree.

Upcycle old jars

Turn any old jar into a cheap decoration worthy of your holiday table with a little something you can find in the house to spruce it up.

Make your own mistletoe

This bundle of greenery, also known as a kissing ball, is a must have in any house over the festive season.

Use paper in unexpected ways

A few simple folds can transform scrapbook paper into mantle decor that lends a pop of colour to the more traditional decor elements you likely already have.

Experiment with gold leaf

The gilded craft supply is easier to work with than you might think, and quickly transforms a wide range of everyday objects – DIY ornaments, chargers or vases – into extraordinary decor pieces.

Decorate the fridge

There are some spots in the house that are a given when it comes to decorating. But why not the fridge?

Make your own stockings

Making your own stockings is not only unique and cheap, but a fun family craft that will keep members busy for hours.

Make an advent calendar

Get that Christmas spirit going by starting the countdown.

Use greenery in your gift wrap

For a cohesive feel, choose a gift wrap theme that complements the rest of your holiday decor.

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