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Middle Class DIY Christmas Decorations

Limited movement, prudent spending, and lots of time at home characterize this year’s Christmas season for middle class families. But since many of us have kids – but in my case, seniors – to entertain during this season, the festive atmosphere must be setup at home.

In short, the Christmas tree must be up, the decorations spruced, and the lights all aglow.

But since many middle class families are on a very conservative spending mode due to this pandemic, Christmas decorations are either DIY or repurposed.

So, two days before December, here are some great ideas from middle class mommies whose decorations are a symbol of love, happiness, and joy in these dark times.

…plants are more alive this Christmas

Full-time working mom Atty. Manel Lopez has three beautiful kids at home, ages ranging from 8 to 2. Plastic Christmas tree is a no-no for fear of mosquitoes thriving in it. She has always dreamed of a living Christmas tree, but its high cost has always prevented her from buying one.

Her bright idea: Transform the Norfolk Pine Tree in the backyard into a lovely Christmas tree.

With kids to protect against the virus, Atty. Manel hardly leaves the house so the decors for her living Christmas Tree are all DIY. Bougainvillea flowers added color to the tree while the gold bows and stars crafted from the birthday balloons of her son showed Atty. Manel’s inventiveness.

… recycled materials

Mommy Kenna De Mesa takes centerstage with a Christmas tree made from cardboards. With her Kenzi and Raegan, they painted and created décor from wrappers of chips. Time spent with her kids to do the decor is priceless.

Dr. Elisa Baroque’s house in Tagaytay is a favorite hang-out place for family friends especially during Christmas. Although the house is quiet this year, it is still fully decorated albeit with repurposed decor that demonstrated Dr. Lisa’s creativity.

At home, we also used old décor but presented them differently. Decorating for Christmas has always been a family tradition courtesy of my mom. Now 83, she is our inspiration for setting-up the house for the season. Twigs were transformed to a big wreath and decorated with artificial flowers which we use all-year round at home. 


After several years since her mother-in-law’s death, the heirloom Christmas tree of Ianne Cruz is up. The 25-year-old Christmas tree is majestic at 12 feet and replete with ornaments that date back two decades ago. The adornments are hand-made, beaded, and one-of a kind.

Middle class families are beating the gloom and misery caused by the pandemic with creativity, innovativeness, and gratefulness.

Watch out for my columns this merry month of December where we will feature fun-filled, inexpensive, and sentimental ways to celebrate this season of joy.

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