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How to Make a DIY Christmas Wreath

Getting Started

Repeat after us! There is absolutely no need to buy a Christmas wreath because it's so easy to make your own. It requires very little in the way of supplies, so with the pointer's below you'll have no trouble at all whipping up your own to add to any door in your home. Incorporate an extra fun element to the process by heading out into your own backyard and foraging for supplies, you'll be surprised at how much you're able to find. Let's get started! 


Gather Your Supplies 

Here's what you'll need to make your own wreath. Keep in mind that these supplies are completely customizable. Swap in or out whatever you like! These supplies reflect the wreath we made.

    A grapevine wreath base
    Greenery (we used cedar here)
    Dried lavender
    Dried flowers/pods
    Fake succulents



A grapevine wreath is a beautiful starting place for beginners. Other wreath forms can be a little challenging to work with, but thanks to all of the little branches twisted into a wreath there are plenty of places to tuck greenery and decorations.

Create a Base Layer 


Start by figuring out whether or not you want to cover your whole wreath or just a few pieces. Here, we opted to make the wreath more bottom heavy. So we started off by taking sprigs of cedar greens and tucking them around the bottom of the wreath. Start from the middle of the bottom and working your way out. While you want to create a pretty even layer of coverage, you don't want to overfill with just the cedar greens, there's more coming and you want to leave room for them.

To get certain pieces to lay just right, you can always use a bit of green floral wire to secure pieces to the wreath, because you're working with grapevine, it should only be necessary occasionally. It's nice to have sprigs that fan out beyond the shape of the wreath as well.

Add a Second Layer 


From there, work in the dried lavender. Tuck sprigs wherever they feel like a fit, it just helps to round out the look of the wreath. The beautiful part of using dried herbs in a wreath? They smell amazing and look great too. Every time you pass your wreath you'll get a whiff of lavender from the dried herbs. 

Finish with Accent Pieces

Now that you have a full and lush wreath base with your greens, you can add in extra little bits here and there. A touch of grayish, off-white dried flowers look pretty like snow on the wreath. Tucking pods and faux succulents into the wreath add a nice touch and a focal point for the whole arrangement. Here we wired together a few ornaments and then use the excess wire to incorporate them into the wreath.

To hang the wreath, cut a length of ribbon and loop it around the top, tie and hang it on your door, how easy was that! A fun holiday activity, get friends or family together and make a bunch in an afternoon.

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