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Easy DIY Christmas Decorations for Home You’ll Adore

We all adore DIY Christmas decorations, not because they are budget-friendly but also because they give us a chance to bring out our creativity. You can go out and buy all sorts of items of decor from the market yet that satisfaction of decorating the house with pieces made at home is beyond words to express.

If you aren’t a convincing DIYer, don’t fret, we have here compiled an exhaustive collection of awe-inspiring DIY Christmas decoration ideas that are very exciting to look at and won’t require much effort to make. Try your hand on a DIY of choice and you will surely be able to bring joy and personal touch to your home this Christmas.

DIY Paper Spirals

Christmas paper crafts look great and are easy to make, this is why they are considered last-minute decorations. For one the simplest ideas of the lot, fold scrapbook paper in shape of a triangle, using a spiral marker cut in each grove. Now fasten the ends with tape and you have a flowery accessory ready. A complete tutorial on Happiness is Homemade.


3D Paper Star

Looking for a DIY Christmas decoration idea to make a star topper for your tree? A 3D paper star is just what you wanted. Learn the trick of folding paper into a 3D paper star on Gathering Beauty. Once the star is ready, you can place it on the Christmas tree or have a string attached to it. Using the string, you can hang it down from the ceiling or the fireplace mantel.

Glittery Reindeer Art

You can create delightfully appealing decorations using minimum supplies. Have a look at this sparkling reindeer that’s been made using white paper, sparkle, and glue. If you have basic drawing skills, you have got this one, else have your child draw a reindeer for you. Now you or the kid can fill the outlines with some glue and sprinkle color sparkle over it. Wait until it is dry, and blow off the extra glitter (not sticking with glue) using a dryer. See the full tutorial at Inspiration For Moms.

Paper Christmas Tree


Add a touch of rustic warmth to your d├ęcor by making this miniature paper Christmas tree. To create this, you’ll need some card stock, scissors, paper cone (which will be the base you’ll work on), hot glue gun to fix things to the cone, faux berry branches, and some fake snow. Go through the tutorial at Place of My Taste for the step-by-step process.

Paper Cup Bells

Make Christmas-themed bells out of paper cups and decorate your home for the festive season. A few paper cups, ribbons, pipe cleaners, paint, and glitter is what you’ll require to make this DIY project. Begin by painting the cups in the desired color, then use pipe cleaners to connect beads and jingles bells and tie up the ribbon. Full tutorial on First Palette.

Plastic Cup Twirlers

A super easy DIY Christmas decoration that will help you deck up walls and windows effortlessly. All you need is some plastic cups, scissors, and a ribbon. Cut the cups in form of a spiral string from top to bottom, tie them up in the ribbon, like garland, and hang it on a wall. See tutorial at I Can Teach My Child.

Plastic Cup Christmas Wreath

You will need Red Solo disposable cups, a decorative ribbon, glittered floral pieces, scissors, and a hot glue gun to make this Christmas Wreath. Just glue cups together in the shape of a wreath and decorate with ribbon and floral decorations. A complete tutorial on Living Locurto.

Disposable Plastic Cup Snowman


How about making a cute snowman for Christmas decorations using disposable glasses? If you wish to try, you’ll need to create the snowman from a bunch of plastic cups (around 250 pieces), a lot of staples to bind them together. As you all know snowman is made of two sections, a rounded bottom and a top. So, start attaching plastic cups using a stapler until you get a good full circle. After this, create another one, a bit smaller this time, to form your snowman’s head. After fixing the head and the body, adorn your snowman with paper balls to make eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons. Also, wrap a lovely scarf around his neck, and give him matching woolen or Christmas cap to wear. To make it look more charming at night, place a lamp inside the hollow structure. Tutorial on Colorcitos.

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