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DIY projects to enhance your home value

When you purchase a new home, a lot of excitement accompanies the accomplishment – and whether it’s a historic home or a brand-new home built just for you, you’ll want to make adjustments that make it feel more your own.

Some of these adjustments will not only make the space feel more individualized and specific to your needs, but will also add immediate value to your property. Look for projects you can do yourself at a reasonable cost – ones that will lend you a strong return on your investment.

One project you may want to consider is updating your ceilings. Ceilings that are cracked, or have peeling paint, can make your property look old and disheveled, aging it prematurely and lowering your home’s value. Updating your ceiling can be a quick way to enhance the value.

First, you’ll want to fix any cracks, as well as dust and vacuum corners, before attempting to repaint – otherwise you won’t wind up with a smooth surface to work with.

Remember you can replace the style of ceiling you have, too. Popcorn texture is an out-of-date look, and many homeowners are choosing to supplement other styles, such as knock-down or flat styles. This type of remodel could make your home worth much more in the long run. But be careful to test any popcorn ceilings for asbestos – it can be a major concern for any ceiling built before the late 1970s.

Another project that can enhance the value of your home – and one you can do yourself – is adding a bathroom. This can be challenging when you have an unconventional plumbing situation with faraway sewage access, such as in a garage, attic or basement. But if you don’t want to work through concrete or make undue structural changes to your home, there is an option available to you: above-floor plumbing.

Above-floor plumbing as an option can be effective, and when conventional plumbing installation isn’t a possibility, the above-floor plumbing cost is always vastly lower than breaking through concrete. You may spend as little as $1,000, with a return on the investment of nearly 20 times that.

Another quick and easy do-it-yourself project is renovating or updating your garage door. It’s not the first thing you think of when you look at a home, but it does add a lot to the overall aesthetic – and curbside appeal – of a home. An outdated style or dilapidated garage door can seriously take away from the appearance of your property, while an up-to-date and on-trend garage door can improve the first impression your home gives to visitors.

Updating a garage door isn’t terribly expensive as home renovations go; the average cost is under $4,000. And the return on that investment can be huge – at times over 90 percent of the cost can be recouped when reselling a home.

Whatever upgrade you choose, make sure it’s in alignment with the overall style of the home. If you have an American Craftsman home, you’ll want to select a more rustic style of garage door. With a mid-century modern home, try a more contemporary-looking garage door. One type of door that nearly always enhances any style of garage is a raised-panel garage door.

Remember: It’s OK, when you’re shopping for homes, to have some flexibility in what you see as the home of your dreams. Remember that there are always minor renovations you can make yourself that will radically increase your home’s livability – and your home’s value.

And, if you commit yourself to these do-it-yourself projects, you’ll feel a sense of pride, ownership and belonging in the home renovations you make. The limits are only those of your imagination.

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