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DIY Candy Cane Jingle Bell Ornament

Put on some Christmas carols, make hot chocolate, gather the kids and make this super simple DIY Candy Cane Jingle Bell Ornament!  So simple and easy to make!!

I have a thing for Christmas ornaments…I truly believe you can’t have enough.  Well, maybe you have too many when your tree falls forward 3 years in a row?  Hmmm, anyway I still love them, and I love to make them.  I especially love handmade ornaments…they are such treasures.  When I open our box of ornaments every year and see the ornaments the kids made, or the ones we made together there’s really no feeling like it.  Nostalgic, sad, and happy all at the same time.  Especially when you see ornaments your kids little fingers made when they were teeny.  Sniff.

Get the Kids Involved in Craft Making

Over the years I’ve also discovered that I actually really enjoy making Christmas ornaments…I find it a very therapeutic activity.  When I drag the box of craft stuff out, or make a batch of Cinnamon Salt Dough, the kids join in the fun too.  Makes for a nice, and festive afternoon.


Supplies for your DIY Candy Cane Jingle Bell Ornament:

    white and red jingle bells – they are about 1/2 inch wide – (I found a package at Target, but you can also buy them at Michaels) – you’ll need about 50, depending on how big you want your ornament to be.  Mine is about 8 – 9 inches.
    You will also need some thicker gage wire – I used a 20 gauge wire for these
    pretty ribbon for hanging the ornaments


How to Make a DIY Candy Cane Jingle Bell Ornament:

    Take a length of wire a little longer than you want your ornament to be, and secure the wire at one end so the bells don’t slide off.  I think mine was about 10 inches.
    Then string on 2 bells of the same colour at the same time, alternating between the red and white.
    Once all the bells are on the wire, secure the other end of the wire, then bend the wire into the shape of a candy cane.
    Tie on some pretty ribbon to hang the ornament.
    Done.  See…I told you it was easy!

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