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How to learn a language in lockdown

Life in lockdown is challenging for many reasons. The increased time we have forced upon us by self-isolation can lead not only to boredom, but to a feeling of unproductiveness. While it's of course okay to just 'be', without worrying about productivity, now could be a great time to gain a new skill. Why not learn a language?

From Skype and Zoom lessons to self-taught online learning, there’s a digital classroom out there for everyone. We may not be able to leave the house – but we can still travel with our minds. These apps can help you learn a language from the comfort of your sofa.


Hands up if you’ve downloaded this app with the best of intentions, only for life to get in the way? Us too. Well, now is the time to focus on that language learning goal, with short, bite-sized activities perfect for dipping in and out of. Best of all, it’s free!

Learn French At Home

I mean, it does what it says on the tin. The first language school to offer French lessons online, native speakers teach one on one lessons through Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts. There are 8 different courses to choose from, including light French, intensive French, French for business and even French for kids! 

Spanish House London

Once a London based face to face class, this language school has now adapted and diversified, offering its professionally taught Spanish classes at all levels from beginner to advanced via Zoom. What’s more, there is currently a discount of £15 off all classes!


If you’d prefer to teach yourself at your own pace, Babbel is a great place to start. The app offers the opportunity to learn 14 different languages, engages you in conversation and gives you real-time feedback, so you can learn how to start talking with confidence on lots of different topics.


With only 3 students per class on average, Lingoda provides the ultimate digital immersion experience. Choose from the ‘walk’, ‘run’, or ‘sprint’ learning plans depending on your goal, and enjoy a flexible schedule with both group and private online classes available 24/7.

Verbal Planet

Conversation is key to fluency. That’s the philosophy of Verbal Planet. Try a trial session for free, before signing up to one on one language training. Support and motivation from your own personal tutor means you can customise lessons according to your individual goals.


Busuu offers self-paced courses for 12 languages, as well as peer-to-peer learning which allows learners to give each other feedback and corrections. The site also recently acquired Verbling, an online video tutoring platform, which allows for live in-app tutoring - perfect for the coming months.

Rosetta Stone

This long-established programme teaches you how to learn a language through its brilliant interactive resources. What’s more, TruAccent speech engine software helps you to fine-tune your pronunciation and accent – meaning you won’t just learn what to say, you’ll also finesse how to say it.

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