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7 ways to keep your car clean

Is your car gleaming and well cared for? Or does the interior look like a cross between a teenager’s bedroom and a dustbin on wheels? These tips will help you have a cleaner and more organised car.

Clean the clutter

From children’s toys and travel sweets to ice scrapers and emergency triangles, there’s so much we ferry around in our cars.

A back seat organiser with a variety of pockets can totally transform your car interior, while a boot organiser can do the same in the back.

Remove the rubbish

Old water bottles, apple cores, parking ticket receipts… It’s easy for clutter to build up in your car. But given rooms in your home need a bin, maybe your car does, too! Get a car bin from Lakeland – it hangs on the headrest and has a waterproof lining.

Prevention is better than cure

It’s easier to prevent a mess than to clear one up, so impose a level of quality control when it comes to what you allow into your car.

When choosing children’s snacks for a journey, apples are a better choice than oranges, jelly sweets a better choice than chocolate. Have a zero-tolerance policy on anything too sticky or likely to drip, such as ice cream. Ask smokers not to light up in your car. If you have pets, transport them in a pet crate in the boot of the car or invest in seat covers.

Cover up

Car seat covers can be whisked off and cleaned in the washing machine – a lot easier than dealing with upholstery stains.

Banish tough stains

To get the hard part out of the way, you'll want to tackle any stains on the seats. If your seats are only lightly stained, try mixing 1tbsp washing-up liquid with two cups of warm water. Then, using a clean white cloth, sponge the stain with the detergent solution.

Clean the interior

When cleaning the dashboard and what’s called the interior trim – the insides of the doors and armrests, etc – use specific car-cleaning products rather than household ones. Halfords has a good range.

Spray the cleaner on to your cloth rather than directly on to the trim – in particular, avoid spraying directly on to the dashboard where it where it could leak through any gaps and damage internal electric systems. And never use any products on the steering wheel, handbrake, gear knob or pedals, as it could make them slippery. Just give them a wipe down.

Banish smelly-car syndrome

If your car is less than fragrant, one tip for making it more agreeable is to put some cat litter into half a pair of old tights. Fill the tights, tie a knot in the end, then put them under the seat – the cat litter will absorb smells.

And it can come in useful in bad weather – scatter the litter around the wheels to provide grip for the tyres in icy or muddy conditions.

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