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Pokemon GO Banning Players Using Xiaomi

Pokemon GO, one of the hottest game since its release, is now under fire following the reports that they are banning legitimate users using Xiaomi phones.
While banning abusive and cheating players is a common situation in Pokemon GO, it seems that Niantic is doing something wrong this time. Why is that? It’s because of the recent reports suggesting that most of the affected users are legitimate players and they have one thing in common – they are using Xiaomi devices especially the Series 5.

I have personally seen this report on a Taiwanese and Singaporean Facebook group, stating that their accounts have been suspended due to unexplained violations. Most of these users are also using Xiaomi devices, but I ignored it thinking that it’s just a coincidence.
Ban on Xiaomi from r/TheSilphRoad
Now, the issue has also been posted on Reddit which also received a lot of feedback with the same situation from around the world. Some of these affected users received a permanent ban while others received a 30-day suspension.
As of writing, Niantic has not released any statement about this matter but the Reddit community have been continuously investigation this issue. Are you one of the legitimate player who received a suspension while using a Xiaomi device?
Update 1: Niantic is now investigating this matter.

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