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Boruto Blue Vortex Chapter 2

Boruto Blue Vortex Chapter 2 English scans is out. Boruto Blue Vortex Manga 2 of the One Piece Manga will be available for online reading. For news release and updates, please subscribe our RSS feeds or follow our Twitter. Enjoy the release! It appears that the Claw Grime have a sinister agenda, capturing individuals and transforming them into miniature trees to serve as sustenance. As anticipated, this process serves as a means for Code to gradually nourish his Ten Tails. If they manage to acquire an Otsutsuki, they can begin assimilating the Otsutsuki cells and chakra necessary for the Divine Tree's growth. This enables Code to harvest the chakra fruit, bit by bit, until it reaches the point where he can consume it and undergo transformation into an Otsutsuki. Boruto seems to be employing a wind cloak, allowing him to perpetually surround himself with blade strikes. This makes him an exceptionally formidable force, rendering him impervious even to chakra rods, which would simply deflect off him.
Given Boruto's offer to Code for a retreat if Sasuke truly met his end, it's conceivable that Momoshiki might have played a role, leaving Boruto grappling with a sense of guilt. Additionally, if the adversaries possess Rinnegans, this could potentially unveil that Boruto harbors one too, concealed beneath his glove. It appears Boruto operates on an entirely different level compared to the rest. Kawaki has typically lagged behind Boruto in terms of strength, except when utilizing karma, due to Boruto's initial unfamiliarity with it. Imagining Kawaki resorting to karma prematurely to dispatch a single adversary, while Boruto effortlessly dispatches them, underscores the stark contrast in their capabilities. Even Code acknowledges Boruto's formidable strength, recognizing the potential threat he poses. Boruto exudes a certain Dr. Strange-like aura. It's possible that Kawaki's ominous actions might be linked to this. Perhaps he sacrifices individuals to these claw monsters and consumes the resulting fruits to amplify his power, all in pursuit of defeating Boruto. The potential for the future to be even grimmer is an intriguing prospect. Kawaki's complacency seems to be a significant factor. He has little faith in training, deeming it too slow for his liking, and prefers to rely solely on his Otsutsuki abilities (albeit hypocritically despising them). On the other hand, Boruto remains dedicated to his training, a philosophy likely instilled by his mentor, Sasuke. Three years of intense training, coupled with a life of perilous experiences, have likely led to the development of new techniques, such as the "Uzuhiko" vortex, that rival the potency of his Karma abilities.